Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Humans Allowed - A Mechanical Music Sampler

UPDATE 4/21/10: New link to zip file.

My attempts to post an album a day were foiled by yet another computer virus. A $250 repair bill, and we're back in business. In the last couple of days I've had requests to re-up a number of tracks under the "Mechanical Music" category - music played by robots and machines - such as the "Creepy Circus Tesla Coil" song, "Printer Jam," and the fairground organ version of "Puppet On A String." So,
to save valuable time, I just decided to put together an album's worth of mechanical music that's been featured here on M4M into one zip file.

Music untouched by human hands! Office equipment, player pianos, music boxes, Tesla coils, and robot instrumentalists. ATTENTION HUMANS: YOU. ARE. OBSOLETE.

No Humans Allowed - A Mechanical Music Sampler

ArcAttack - Creepy Circus Song
bd594 - Bohemian Rhapsody
Ceiri Torjussen - Raiders March
Conlon Nancarrow - Studios For Player Piano 21
Cybraphon - A March For The Sea
Cybraphon - The Balkan Bazaar
dying carousel - Moon River
Ferranti Mark_1_computer - God Save The Queen-Baa Baa Black Sheep-In TheMood
Guy Hoffman and Shimon the robot
James Houston - Big Ideas (Dont Get Any)
James Tenney - Spectral CANON for CONLON Nancarrow
John Morton - A Delicate Road III (excerpt)
Joshua Fried - EmergencyBot
Mistabishi - Printer Jam
Steve Ward - Tesla Coil music
The Geek Group - Mario Bros Theme
The Trons - Sister Robot
The User - Symphony for Dot Matrix Printers
Tristan Perich- Just Let Go
wurlitzer fairground organ - Puppet On A String



J-Unit 1 said...

I'm pretty happy with the compilation idea. So much good stuff.

mono said...

Awesome, thank you!

andrezj said...

great! #1!

is there an idea with using zipx instead of plain zip, like smaller file size or something? otherwise perhaps you can use ordinary zip so people don't have to update their winzipperers.

but - thanks again!

Jeroen de Boer said...


I really like your blog, but... I can't open your compressed zipx-file since it's Windows-only. Could you please use a non-propietary compressing method? I'm on a Mac and there's no way to open this file...:-(

Thank you!

Mr Fab said...

That's weird about the zipx - the new zip system must have been loaded onto my computer by the repairman. He means well. Anyway, I've re-zipped it into a regular zip file, so hope that's alright.

Jeroen de Boer said...

Thank you and keep up your incredible work!

WTFMusic.org said...

Wonderful idea!
Music and beautiful sounds made by anything other than human beings is a great field to get into.

Konrad Useo said...

Big congrats on this assortment.I know I'm INTO it.
Thanks much.

Reimer said...

Looks and sounds very tasty.



Whizzdumb said...

What a delight this collection!