Friday, April 02, 2010


UPDATE 4/8: Well over 100 more oldies re-upped.

Forty more tunes added, all under the "Outsider" label, including the horrific Rhonda ep. Thanks for the nice emails and comments, glad all this is worth it! I'll try to get back to re-uploading more at some point...

UPDATE 4/3: I spent the better (?) part of the afternoon re-upping 120+ tracks going back to '08. I'm quitting for now, but let me know if there's anything in particular you want me to put back on-line.

UPDATE 4/2: I've re-upped everything for the last four months.

It has come to my attention that all the mp3s that I posted before February - the month of my computer mishaps - are off line now. Damnit! I thought I was finished with all my compu-problems, but they never end, do they? Anyway. Will try to put stuff back up soon. Your call is very important to us, please stay on the line...



wb said...

i really like spending lazy sundays on your blog, discovering strange but sometimes brilliant music.
thanks for putting the files back up

J-Unit 1 said...


On behalf of everyone that visits, thanks so much for reupping those files. I know that can be a tedious chore, but it really is appreciated by your readers/listeners.

J-unit 1

Anonymous said...

I'm listening Rhonda ...
this bad music thing is endlessly fascinating and fun.
Why does it scratch so many itches???
Man I wish I could have seen her site.
(tried wayback machine ... nada)
You know as it plays through second time and I am acclimating and she is just starting to sound good.
I think the best of the outsider/naive, 'bad' art is really just plain good -
when it is truly bad - we turn it off = "bad, end of story.
Rage - each time she gets to refrain - she hits the same 'off' note "ray ay age"
if each time she came there it was 'off' in a different way maybe it wouldn't be as good ... i mean bad.


Mr Fab said...

yes, jeffkiss, that's why I don't use the word "bad" to describe this stuff - I only post stuff that I LIKE!