Monday, April 26, 2010


Composer Stefan Poetzsch has a new album out now called "Light On" that features not just music for dancing, but music with dancing. Which is not a new concept - tap dancing's been around for years - but not quite like this. Here's a lovely bit of Minimalism for strings and piano that also features Afro-German dancer Bettina Essaka on amplified "...very quiet noises made when she moved her arms and legs":

Stefan Poetzsch: Sounds of The Dancer part 4

The rest of the album is wildly eclectic, ranging from thorny atonal modern classical, to Coltrane-inspired jazziness, to heavy Gothic organ, but this is the track that I keep returning to. My one complaint about this album: so much of the music has a visual aspect (the title track is performed with thousands of light sticks), but there's no DVD/video feature to this CD.


Holly said...

Very nice - thank you! Would love to explore the rest of the album...

Anonymous said...

Hello, here is the composer. Yo can check out more of "light on" and several music here:

I found your comment about my CD in google.

Stefan from Germany