Saturday, April 10, 2010


A nice maniac named Crichton72 sent me some disco tracks from Space Age hi-fi orchestra legend Enoch Light, which reminded me of a couple of other disco tunes Light and his Light Brigade recorded. Then - hey, what the heck! - I just went ahead and made a whole CD's worth of polyester atrocities by throwing in some other stuff that had been sitting on my hard-drive for a while, like the audio from a number of disco-themed '70s commercials that I had recorded off of YouTube (now you know what I do with my spare time) and other ridiculously entertaining EZ/lounge/orchestral disco biscuits. The result:

"Disco Sickness III: Enoch Light & His Disco Brigade"

Close Encounters of the Third Kind 3:35 Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
Sam Goody - Disco Album commercial 1:00
The Inconveniences Of Following A pretty Girl In The Streets at Night 1:36 Alec R. Costandinos [from a Hunchback of Notre Dame disco concept album]
Night Fever 3:22 Enoch Light & The Light Brigade [Oh, those fake BeeGees vocals!]
Jerry's Disco ad 0:29
Don't Cry For Me Argentina 2:52 Ray Anthony
Superstition 3:21 Mel Torme [Swingin' lounge version of a Stevie Wonder tune]
Jordache Jeans - Kids Got the Look (Commercial, 1980) [Creepy!]
Foxy Disco Girl 2:05 Music for Children's Disco [More creepy! Pedophilia-chic?]
Star Wars 4:30 Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
I Will Survive 2:48 Julie DeJohn [Courtesy of the 365 Days Project]
D'Ya Think I'm Sexy 3:42 Doc Severinsen
Plato's Retreat ad 0:59 [actual commercial from a New York sex club]
How Deep Is Your Love 3:21 Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
PSA Abominable Snowman - food groups 0:30
You Can Feel It All Over 1:27 Errol Desmond [Another swingin' lounge version of a Stevie Wonder song, this time it's "Sir Duke"]
Ramblin' Root Beer Commercial 0:57
Stayin' Alive 3:40 Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
1978 7-Up Commercial 0:30
What a Diff'rence a Day Makes 4:25 Enoch Light & The Light Brigade [Yes, the classic Dinah Washington jazz ballad]
Schlitz Beer Commercial - Disco 1979 0:29
Shaft 3:47 Jimmy Allen & The Brassworks [from a Los Angeles lounge band that sometimes featured actor Bob "Hogan's Heroes" Crane on drums]
Porno Holocaust (Main Titles) 2:44 Nico Fidenco [Soundtrack theme]
Love Train 2:59 Lenny Dee
Thunderbird commercial Shake 'em Up 0:30
Rocky's Theme (Gonna Fly Now) 3:49 Enoch Light & The Light Brigade
1978 McDonald's Big Mac commercial 0:30
Theme from Close Encounters of the Third Kind 3:12 John Williams [7" 33 1/3 Funky Song
included with the CE3K OST LP]

Hokey Pokey Disco 6:34 Discorobics
Death To Disco 4:37 Jimi Lalumia & The Psychotic Frogs [1977 artifact of the New York punk scene]

Here's the links to the first two volumes:
Disco Sickness
Disco Suicide

Big ol' thanks to Crichton72!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for utilizing my tracks. I look forward to a listen.


Anonymous said...

FYI - If you wish to upgrade the stereo quality of my tracks, try the versions available below. I think you'll hear quite a difference.

Thanks much.