Sunday, April 11, 2010


Back in July '05, I wrote: "MC Potbelly is, in his words...a 42-year-old, white, male insurance agent from Marin County, California, an upper-middle to upper-class enclave about as far from "the 'hood" as you can get. His main influences? "The Sugar Hill Gang, Merle Haggard, and Bob Seger." His music production is as crude as his pimped-out lyrics, which he delivers in a thin, nasal, utterly-white sing-song, following no rhyme scheme known to man. Evidently, there was a full-length (well, 27 minutes) album released..."

After he sent me the disk (which was free to anyone who asked for one), I wrote: "
Da Man himself sent me his home-recorded CD, chock full of brief-but-to-the-point songs boasting charmingly amateurish production, a rhyme flow like no-one else (except maybe The Shagg's drummer), and hysterical lyrics often detailing pimp life as he imagines it. Sometimes his lyrical concerns move beyond typical hip-hop subject matter and into metaphysical realms I don't quite grasp (genetic afterlife?)"

I described "Sisters," the sample song I posted, as: "...another of his pimpin' fantasies, so far beyond outrageous it's practically surreal."

MC Potbelly - My Favorites

1. Horizontal
2. Schoolboy
3. Want ad
4. Begging
5. Hijacked Ho
6. Sisters
7. Satellite
8. Hoin'
9. Potbelly Rap
10. Station of the Mind
11. Slave
12. Juice
13. Prisoner of a Drug War
14. Suburb
15. Player's Poem
16. Genetic Afterlife
17. Santa is Dead
18. Beatdown
19. Future
20. Oedipussy
21. Lando


Anonymous said...

Yeah, this definitely falls firmly in the category of "immediate download!"

Holly said...

Oh my.