Friday, April 16, 2010

ALBUM DU JOUR #8: "Potato - 777"

Let's see what's in the Music For Maniacs mailbox, shall we?

"My name is Mark and I'm representing an artist that has a difficult time communicating in a way that makes sense. During the late 70s to late 80s this artist went as Potato, now he goes by Jerome Ron Dinkle. I am submitting his album "Potato - 777" (1988) with full permission from the artist. The album is comprised of Psychedelic Satire (very comparable to the Residents) which curves on the early side of noise. It's mainly comprised of vocals which is amazing due to the fact that Dinkle suffers from a "severe case of cleft pallet" which in turn gives the recording even an odder sound. This is the weirdest thing I've heard in a while..."

Potato - 777 (1988)

"...Feel free to post the entire album. By the time I ran into Jerome, he was residing in an assisted living community and had already given up on his pursuit in the arts. So I'm sure he will be delighted at the thought someone besides his friends are interested in his music."

Like the Everyday Film albums I wrote about recently, J.R.Dinkle is also from Texas, and his songs are also very brief (most a minute or less) featuring non-singing jibberish vocals and crude electronics. Unlike the scary Everyday Film, however, it's all quite silly and child-like. Residents comparisons are, indeed, apt - the Eyeballed Ones themselves would be proud of the better tracks here, like "Potato Party."


1 - Sir Trumphet Stands Attention
2 - dirtfromlongbreakingoflandunderneathyouwatchingasallslipsthroughyourgraps

3 - Creeping Sunrise

4 - Potato Party

5 - Class of 777

6 - heysuesrideformine350fordor

7 - Clam Parade in Flesh of Sing

8 - RNR - Featuring Apprentice T Waine Edishun

9 - Thumn Mountian

10 - I Am The Rhinosorceress

11 - Twinkle Gums

12 - Randol Mill

13 - Today is The Joke, Tommorow is The Punchline

14 - Once Light Tickeled Shadow and Then it Consoled

15 - Twilight of the Year

16 - Notato
17 - Inch Allot Ah

18 - I am a Mountian When it Falls (Fly Away on the Wings of Love)
19 - Layase Fountian

20 - P.O.T.A.T.O
21 - I Am The Rhinosorceress (Club Remix)

22 - Cadillac Spring (Live at The Plop 1987)


Anonymous said...

Wow. This makes me smile. J.R. Dinkle, you have a new admirer. Thank you for this delightful music.

Anonymous said...

Weird genuis evil children happy music. Are those linear notes real? Is Jerome really in a Texas retirement home. Can I visit him?

Mr Fab said...

I didn't ask if those notes were real, I know no more then you. But I like to think so - it's a good story.

Anonymous said...

The part about this album languishing in Arista's warehouse is pretty much proof that the liner notes are a "creative" part of the project.

If Arista had signed this, even accidentally, there would have been a massive wave of Arista executives falling out of tall buildings after having tied their hands behind their backs and shot themselves in the back of the head.

Anonymous said...

i love potato!!!!

web said...

Really useful material, lots of thanks for your post.

Anonymous said...

J.R. Dinkle passed away today. RIP to a legend. It's our duty as fans to spread the beautiful sounds he created in his masterpiece. Much love Jerome! You are the greatest great great grandfather anyone could've ever asked for.

Sicily Madingale II