Friday, April 09, 2010


Since I've haven't been able to post much this year, I'm gonna try to make it up to you-all by posting an entire album a day for...well, who knows how long. I'm not making any promises!

First up, a New York combo that features simply a theremin, and a battery of percussion (+ occasional odd vocal noises and unidentifiable sounds). If it is a theremin (as listed on their MySpazz page) it might have be put
thru distortion/effects to get that gnarly sound. Or maybe just the lo-fi recording added the fuzz. One of the members tells me that some of the sounds are "made on a 'rainmaker' which is an instrument of pure electric feedback."

Why is it that when a guitarist takes long crazy solos he's a genius like Hendrix, but when it
's done on electronics it's "just a buncha noise"? The insane energy level here is plenty fun, and the improvisations recall the spirit of '60s avant-jazz without actually being jazz. Only the bonus song "The Vanishing Lady" (and a bit of track 7) has lyrics, and most of the tracks are untitled, tho I was told that "the first song is called 'rub me, rainbow' and the last track is 'song that she learned' but the others don't have names."

Track 4 and 6 are especially bonkers. Blast it!

Margaret Raven

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