Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ALBUM DU JOUR #6: Off The Beaten Meter

Just released today is a wonderfully insane collection of mashups from an international assortment of dj/producers that have one thing in common - none of the tracks are in 4/4 time. Now this old-skool punk-rocker can have highly allergic reactions to prog, especially the Rush/Yes variety, but I found this collection to be more fun then a barrel of metronomes. It's quite a break from the usual stuff, and makes me realize how formulaic so much music is (even "strange" music).

Off The Beaten Meter

Classical musics from Ravel to Philip Glass, jazz ("Take Five," natch), William Burroughs and Arnold
Schwarzenegger, and, yes, prog, get expertly mixed with disposable pop crap and electronica to sometimes head-spinning effect, all thanks to compiler DJ Not-I, an American now living in Austria. Many of my fave mashup-ers are on here, inc. G3rst, Virtual DJ (both Dutchmen, I believe), France's Totom, and Orange County, CA's Voicedude. (Oh, and I may have had something to do with one of the songs, but don't hold that against this album!)

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Konrad Useo said...

This is a collection that fascinates me presently.As a whole I find it very much a satisfying album.
It succeeds where none has gone before.