Friday, April 30, 2010


That lovely Mr. Otis Fodder invited me to guest dj on his internationally-distributed show Friendly Persuasion, and since Otis has switched to all vinyl, I took the opportunity to break out my shoeboxes of singles and spin some of my all-time fave-rave obscure-o, funny 'n' freaky 45s. And it's (give or take a minute or two) 45 minutes long.

Talking harmonicas, noir mambo, inane novelties, orchestral twist, Space-Age doo-wop, Mel Blanc's least-loved voice character, Moogs being eaten by The Blob, Scatman Crothers covering Nervous Norvus, a truly amazing version of The Archies "Sugar Sugar"'s all here:

Friendly Persuasion Show #257

Thanks, Otis!


BOPST said...

awesome show. The show comes on after me every Sunday on Kaos Radio Austin as part of their Slander Sunday programming....

Konrad Useo said...

You rule in this show.Thanks.