Tuesday, June 25, 2013

L. Ron Hubbard & Friends "The Road To Freedom"

We interrupt our usual assortment of good music for this...this...well, it's a Scientology album, whaddya expect?  Following up on our "Joy of Creating" post: clunky amateurish lyrics, horribly dated '80s wimp-pop that makes Toto sound like the Ramones, vocals by b-list actors, brothers of celebrities, washed-up child stars, never-made-its, a children's chorus, and John Travolta...yep, it's another musical pep rally/indoctrination tool from America's wackiest cult, with a truly jaw-dropping vocal from El Ron himself. If you've never heard one of these Scientology albums, you should check one out, at least once (in fact, once is probably all you'll be able to take!) to really experience how far over the edge seemingly sensible people can go. As Travolta sings: "Reality is me, reality is you, yeah yeah yeah..."

Listen with horrified fascination here:
All songs written by L. Ron Hubbard.
1. The Road To Freedom (w/Frank Stallone, Leif Garrett, John Travolta)
2. The Way To Happiness (w/Leif Garrett)
3. The Worried Being (w/failed soul singer Amanda Ambrose in a laughable approximation of funk)
4. The Evil Purpose (w/Frank Stallone)
5. Laugh A Little (the sound effects get disturbingly psychotic; I'm pretty sure that was not the intention)
6. The Good Go Free (Bang yer head! This one "rocks 'n' rolls" like John Tesh trying to go heavy metal.)
7. Why Worship Death? (jazz/prog with Chick Corea; Julia Migenes unleashes hair-raising operatic vox that will send animals scurrying)
8. Make It Go Right
9. The ARC Song (w/a straining John Travolta really trying to, y'know, emote; and Karen Black)
10. L'Envoi/Thank You For Listening (w/L. Ron Hubbard)
Much thanks to ma main Thetan Rich, from KillUglyRadio!


heeren said...

Thx for this fine album. One can certainly take a critical view on Scientology, but it's a shame the uploader here seems to let the prejudice stuff the ears. This is high class 80s AOR/funk/jazzrock. And an impressive list of performers with the likes of Chick Corea, John Novello (Niacin), Eric Marienthal, Nicky Hopkins, Gayle Moran (Mahavishnu Orchestra). There is no 'imitation of funk' but razor sharp horns. And Julia Migenes - high profillic mezzo-soprano - completely nails Corea's intricate melody. Most of the lyrics may be embarasing and banal, but the musicianship is definitely beyond approach. PS, no I have no connection with Scientology whatsover.

Mr Fab said...

It's not prejudice - I like some religious music just fine, and I don't believe in any kind of religion. The musicianship here is technically flawless, but that's why I hate it, it's like a soulless machine - rock that's too polite to actually rock, jazz that doesn't swing, sexless funk.. But, hey, glad you like it! See, we all get something out of it.

Anonymous said...

You are a con-a-sewer of the arts and bow to your greatness in the most profound manner possible. You are a national treasure. Such taste, such refinement. I am in awe.


Mr Fab said...

Ha! Thanks windy, I do consider myself a kinda-sewer of the arts.

Anonymous said...

This record is also available with german vocals by the same artists: http://brotbeutel.blogspot.de/2006/12/der-weg-zur-freiheit.html

Graham Clayton said...

Leif Garrett's vocals on "The Way To Happiness" are something to behold - how many times do you need to repeat a word?