Monday, June 10, 2013

EVERYBODY DANCE WITH MEEEEEE! MusicForManiacs Returns To Radio Misterioso

I once again guested on Spacebrother Greg's crucial show Radio Misterioso recently, and I think it was one of our best ones yet. As Greg wrote on his site: "The wonderfulness began with a piece which incorporated audio from early UFO “abductee” Herbert Schirmer. We followed with such nuggets as a five-year old singing about why “You Make Me So Crazy,” a refreshing ripoff of “In A Gadda Da Vida/ Wild Thing” by a Bollywood singer, and a song about sex with hamsters. Of course William Shatner makes an appearance covering “Silver Machine,”a 1967 composition by the Brit hippie band Hawkwind." Yep, plus Spike Jones goes musique concretesinging saws, "singing" dogs, Black Sabbath goes Latin, song poems, 78 rpm novelties, music for "furrys," a really bad female Elvis impersonator, one of the most offensive records ever, and Greg's field recording of a pipe organ built into a cave. An animal theme ran throughout, tho not on porpoise, er, purpose.

M4M on Radio Misterioso

Hugo Montenegro "Rocket Man"
Richard Pickman "Me Again"
voice of UFO "abductee" Herbert Schirmer
Da Hip-Hop Rascalz "I Don't Want You No More"
from "Running In Place", a collection of locked grooves from WFMU (other cuts occur throughout the show)
Bappi Lahiri "Everybody Dance With Me"
The Miracles "Ain't Nobody Straight In LA"
Ellery Eskelin/Rodd Keith "Green Bermudas"
Spike Jones "Memories Are Made of This"
K-9 Fusion "Dirty Dog Love"
Caninas "Brindle Is As Brindle Does"
from "Running In Place"
Tiger Lillies "Hamsters"
Bucktown Tiger "Throw Your Paws Up"
Ondatropica "I Ron Man"
Amy Beth and the Hound Dogs "Heartbreak Hotel"
the Stalacpipe Organ: "A MIghty Fortress Is Our Lord"
Jim "Supersaw" Leonard "Bye Bye Love"
Rudy Vallee "Kitty From Kansas City"
Tennessee Madonna and the Full Life All-Stars "I Wish I Was In Tennessee"
Ernie Brookings/Victor Banana "Wizard of Oz"
Dick Kent "Octopus Woman Let Me Go"
One Ring Zero "Lip Dog"
Collins and Harlan "Bake Dat Chicken Pie"
Michael Hearst "Honey Badger"
Hoosier Hotshots "Washboard Stomp"
Tiger Lillies "Flies"
Irving Aaronson "I'm Just Wild About Animal Crackers"
Jan Terri "Fax My Love"
Gary Wilson "6.4=Makeout"
Harp Twins "Star Trek theme"


Anonymous said...

Great show! But I think "SIlver Machine" came out in the '70s, around '74?


Mr Fab said...

Thanks Dale - just looked it up, and it's from '72.