Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra

It took me a while to track down some albums by this very obscure group, but it was worth it - The Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra is as wonderfully strange and unique as its name. They are (were?) apparently based in Amsterdam, tho I'm not sure about that.  I'm not sure about anything with these guys, except that they are a fairly large ensmble that utilizes unusual and invented instruments to create exotic, dream-like instrumentals. There's a large Asian influence, Eastern European/gypsy touches pop up as well, but it's all too surreal to approach 'authenticity.'

Here's a seven song sampler of tracks from the three albums of theirs that I do have. It looks like their site is gone, but bandleader Makmed the Miller is selling CDs on his site. "Atlas" sports some exciting ethnic pounding percussion, but "The Devil's Fishwife" is a sad waltz for accordion and toy piano. Songs like "First Japanese Landing on the Moon" and "Mexican Day of the Funeral" actually do sound somewhat like their titles. Just when you think that you're in some cloud-shrouded ancient land, the title track to "Our Tin Tribe" delves into - surprise! - electronica.

Their many videos attest to their highly developed theatrical sense. The "Performances" section of Makmed's site seems to include a video from every show they did. Visit America, won't you, fine Fishies?

Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra sampler

Atlas                                                 (from "Our Tin Tribe")
The Devil's Fishwife                           (from "The Bicycle Lesson")
First Japanese Landing on the Moon   (from "Iron Shoes")
Hu Dy Da                                           (from "The Bicycle Lesson")
Mehmed's Your Uncle                              (from "Iron Shoes")
Mexican Day of the Funeral                (from "Iron Shoes")
Our Tin Tribe

Thanks to outaspaceman!


Pierre said...

Thanks! this is wonderful!

OutaSpaceMan said...

Big Fishy thumbs up from me an' no mistake.


Mr Fab said...

Wouldn't that be a big "fins-up"?

James Carroll said...

Any way you could make iron shoes available?

lizard johnny jewel said...

Could you post "First Japanese Landing on the Moon"? The smattering of tunes you posted does not actually contain it. I believe you have "Bratislav Ningun" in its place, which is a fine peice for sure, but I am more intrigued to hear music that that sounds like the first Japanese moon landing.. so if you could post it, that would be great!

Unknown said...

They were based in Amsterdam. I remember going to some of their gigs, and have several of their albums. Love "Iron Shoes" on a black cd. :)