Saturday, September 04, 2010



Yep, metal classics (Ozzy, Iron Maiden, etc) played in a Mexican folk style, from this L.A. combo who not only came up with this ridiculous concept, but followed thru with songs, costumes, websites, videos, live gigs around town. Got to give 'em credit, especially since Judas Priest actually sounds pretty damn good like this:

Metalachi - Breakin' The Law

The loco kids these days - what'll they come up with next?

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Anonymous said...

When they come out with a CD (like Wing!), I'll be one of the first in line fer it.

I've had this idea floating around for some years: Update the style with RAP ALONG WITH MITCH AND THE GANG. Booming voiced all whitebread male chorus chanting along gleefully to L.L. Cool J, Ice T, Snoop Dog, etc....