Sunday, September 26, 2010


'Twas exactly 50 years ago that Richard Nixon debated John F. Kennedy. He lost the debate and the election, but an unknown citizen who sent his home-scribbled lyrics and a check to a song-poem company was not discouraged:

Gene Marshall: "We
Want Dick, We Want Dick, We Want Dick"

Gene Marshall: "We Want Dick and Spiro,
We Want Dick and Spiro,We Want Dick and Spiro"

This fascinating article describes how Nixon recovered from his loss by recruiting help from the TV comedy show "Laugh-In," thus ushering in the era of image over substance.

Would Nixon have been a fan of this blog? After all, he hated all that "decadent" modern art (as did so many others before him.) But we've posted so many songs about him! And they're usually sung by this groovy cat, Gene Marshall:

Thanks to Chris G.!

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