Friday, September 10, 2010


There are LOTS and LOTS of sincere, well-meaning, awful songs by amateur tunesmiths commemorating the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. They're usually sappy, melodramatic ballads. Sometimes, as in songs that feature child narrators pining for their dead parents, they're almost downright tasteless, reducing an epic disaster to the level of a tv movie tearjerker. These kinds of songs often invoke patriotic or religious themes. Hey Christians! Did you know that Islam is based on the Judeo/Christian tradition? Yep, they believe (and the Koran reiterates) Bible stories. Therefore, Christianity is not the opposite of Islam, atheism is. No-one sings about that, tho. Anyway. Some of these songs are so inept that they're quite entertaining:

Jay2d "Freedom Fell" - Just when you think it can't get any worse, a guitar solo wanders in, seemingly from another song.

Kevin Fortin "I Still See" [UPDATE 9/11/10 9:00am-dude asked me to remove his song; damn, how'd he find out about it so fast? But it's available elsewhere on the web] - Unintentionally funny song-poem-esque lyrics on this one.

At perhaps the other end of the political spectrum, there's the more recent phenomenon of songs by 9/11 conspiracy kooks claiming...oh, who the hell knows? Their grasp of engineering is about as flabby as Creationists' understanding of biology and they're just as illogical. Actually, I would think that only a Republican would buy these ideas - who else would think that the thoroughly inept Bush administration could pull off such a massive conspiracy? They could barely tie their own shoes.
At least this guy's funny:

The Free Bees "9/11's A Lie" - To the tune of "Stayin' Alive." He's the Weird Al of kooks!

Zan Overall "I Want To Believe You Mr President" - This guys was 83 years old when he recorded this Sinatra-ish finger-snapper. And he doesn't believe Jews died in the Holocaust either. I admit, I'd love it if he did a whole album.


DG said...

This one is from a gas station attendant from Pawtucket, Rhode Island that calls himself "Extreme Guitar"

Anonymous said...

Who could forget this one:

Mr Fab said...

Awesome, thanks guys (whoah, is that a cumbia?!). Yeah, I'm sure YouTube must have plenty of goodies.

Anonymous said...

I suppose those who thought the Government was lying about the Gulf of Tonkin incident and Pearl Harbor were kooks as well... until a generation later, when they were proved right, but no one cared anymore.

Scott said...

That painting is something else. Who did it? I'm not sure I'd want it hanging on my wall though.

Mr Fab said...

The painting is by one Taco Werewolf:

Anonymous said...

"Therefore, Christianity is not the opposite of Islam, atheism is. No-one sings about that, tho."

I want to believe not all believers are as ignorant like the author of this post. Atheism is not opposed to anything. It is just someone's personal choice to reject the belief in any type of god. Think twice before making nonsensical comments like this which unconsciously shift the focus of fundamentalist's hatred from Christianity and Islam to Atheism.

Greg said...

Holy Shit!! I know Zan! He used to go to all the UFO meetings and was even an officer in the Mutual UFO Network hierarchy here in L.A. I shoulda known he was a h-denier too.


How ya doin' these days?! When do you want to come by Radio Misterioso again?!

Anastasia said...

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Mr Fab said...

Hey Greg- Ha, should have known you'd have heard of this guy. Did he record anything else (I hope I hope?)

Sure, I can guest dj on your show again - howzabout in Nov.?

Greg said...

The month is open. Pick a Sunday and get back to me.

Great work recently, I must say.

Greg said...

I can find out if he recorded more, I think. Email me about your next RM date.

Zan Overall said...

This is Zan Overall. Thanks, Fab, for posting me singing my 9/11 song. I'm an ASCAP songwriter so the song is not exactly a "home made" song. Thanks, Greg, for remembering me. If you want to get in touch, call some of the LA Truther crowd. If anyone else wants to communicate go to and comment on one of my videos. I check this one regularly.
"The Wise Old Man at the Stephen S. Wise Temple."......I am looking for someone who would like to video and record me raising hackles.

Anonymous said...

This is Zan Overall of "I Want to Believe You, Mr. President" fame. I have performed it to vast acclaim.......
Well, maybe half-vast acclaim. It is now June 2012.
i just had my 87th birthday. Still ornery. More ornery
to be honest......To decide for yourself, look at some of
my you tube videos wherein I pontificate as the "Wise Old Man." Go to and then add
/1wom. My favorite is a skit which I "table read."
(How hip is that!) It's called "God Is a Goy? Oy!"

The Palestinians get the World Court to hear their claim that God did not promise the Promised Land to the Jews. Abe Manfox brings God into the office for a deposition to settle the matter. One of Abe's lines is: "I think He's coming. I feel just like I did when I met Barbra Streisand....... Well, almost."

Anonymous said...

I think I wiped out my first comment out accidentally so I will repeat it. The moderator can wipe out one.
This is Zan Overall, of "I Want to Believe You, Mr. President" ill fame. I have performed it to vast acclaim......Well, maybe half-vast acclaim.

I am more ornery than ever Judge for yourself by looking at my videos on Youtube. I pontificate in them in the persona of "The Wise Old Man." (The "wise' part is indisputable.)

You might like a sketch called "God is a Goy? Oy!" The Palestinians claim to the World Court that God did not promise the Promised Land to the Jews.
Abe Manfox of the Defamation League brings God into the office for a deposition. My favorite line is when Abe says:
"I think He's coming! I feel just like I did when I met
Barbra Streisand!....... Well, almost."

To find them, go to Then you add: /1wom
One of them is me singing an Anthem for the Truth Movement. (That's not your thing, is it, Greg? Truth, that is.) Please check it out anyway,

Jr. Williams said...

Tribute song for wedding...?
Lemmy Tribute Song