Thursday, July 21, 2005


"Formed in 1995 Sydney band Toydeath use children’s electronic toys to create music you have never heard before! That’s right we only use toys! We have collected an arsenal of toys to make any kindergarten green with envy. You will hear talking Barbie Dolls, Speak and Spells, Rock Guitars, Sax-a-booms, Toy Telephones and lots of other fantastic Toys! Toydeath have also collected toys from their international tours and use Chinese, Dutch, German and Japanese language toys in our set. Each toy has been “Circuit Bent” so it can be amplified and many of the toys have electronic additions to turn them into wild and unique instruments. We also assume toy-like characters with colourful costumes as part of our stage show. On stage you will see GiJoe, L’Booby, Nursey and Trailer Trash Barbie!"

This album's not available in the US, so until I figure out how to get a copy, here's some creepy/funny/clever excerpts from their website:

"The Girl From Ipanema" - Jobim's classic bossa nova gets the rinky-dinky Casio treatment; guest vocals from a talking doll

"Froggy" - an electro-noise original. Ribbit.


The Bobo said...

Making music with childrens musical instrumnets is nothing new but Toydeath takes it too a different level!
By all means try to locate their complete album. I want a copy.

Brad said...

There was, of course, Pianosaurus, who did this.

But by far the best of this genre, to my mind, is Self's Gizmodgery (which is sadly way out of print).

Mr Fab said...

Yes, got an email from a reader about Pianosaurus, who I thought were wonderful - saw them live late '80s, the drummer did a Keith Moon and demolished his Fraggle Rock drum kit. Their CD is in print - go buy, ppl.

"Gizmodgery" is indeed lovely stuff. Confession - I got it off a peer-to-peer coupla years ago so it can be had.

TomR said...

ToyDeath is great, and great fun. They haven't been able to top anything as good as their song Phunkytown, though.

If only they'd tour the States!

gijoe said...

hi tomr
toydeath would love to tour the states and have plans to come over in 2006. if you had any contacts or could help organise some gigs that would be great!