Thursday, July 07, 2005


Desperate times call for desperate satire.

Today's events in London are further proof that the monsters might be winning. But the good guys won't go down without a fight, and singer/songwriters like Roy Zimmerman (not to be confused with that other folk-singing Zimmerman) skewers man's evils with a wit not seen since the heyday of Tom Lehrer. Armed with a guitar, a bag of catchy tunes, and lyrics that are, to quote one of his songs titles, "Pumping Irony," Zimmerman hilariously pledges to defend America from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Usually domestic.

Dr Demento fans may recall his old group, The Foremen, whose satirical folk songs like "Firing The Surgeon General" preceded "A Mighty Wind" by years.

His website updated the sounds page recently. Just in time:
"Chicken Hawk" lampoons, and lambasts, the prominent Americans who demand war, but, of course, dodged the Vietnam draft. The same types who will now be using London as an excuse for more fighting. And he names names.

"Defenders of Marriage" "Defending the institution against people who want to get married..."

"America" As good (and as funny) a definition of this country as any I've ever heard. It's even patriotic, in an honest, non-nationalistic way - a great song.


Mr. Natural said...

hey you! thanks for the Chickenhawk song...I downloaded it and blogged it with a link-back to ya! great blog ya got here!

Anonymous said...


i see this weak garbage produced so often.

besides, chicken hawks are actually tough intelligent birds.

the threat of Radical Islamic Terrorists is real, and has long been supported by Nations, such as Iraq, Syria, and Iran...

In Herat, [Afghanistan]," Jayousi told Jordanian TV, "I began training under Abu Musab [al Zarqawi] which involved high-level instruction in explosives and poisons. Then I promised my loyalty to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. I agreed to work for him -- no questions asked. When Afghanistan fell, I again met up with al-Zarqawi in Iraq."

this Democrat insanity is pathetic...

more denial, and blindness...

Mr Fab said...

"the threat of Radical Islamic Terrorists is real"

Eh? Who said it wasn't?

I think that "whoosh!" sound was the point of the song flying over your head!

Grace said...

Nice. On the "chickenhawk" thread,
seen Operation Yellow Elephant? Basically, it's a movement trying to get young Republicans to enlist in the army, if they're so gung ho about the war. Motto: Sign Up or Shut Up.
If nothing else, the site (written tongue in cheekly as "Gen. JC Christian, patriot) is a hoot.