Monday, July 18, 2005


MC Potbelly is, in his words, "...a 42-year-old, white, male insurance agent from Marin County, California," an upper-middle to upper-class enclave about as far from "the 'hood" as you can get. His main influences? "The Sugar Hill Gang, Merle Haggard, and Bob Seger." His music production is as crude as his pimped-out lyrics, which he delivers in a thin, nasal, utterly-white sing-song, following no rhyme scheme known to man. Evidently, there was a full-length (well, 27 minutes) album released, but all that's available now are the two short songs on his Soundclick site:

"Potbelly's Rap"

I would kill to hear the whole album. Yo, 'belly! Hit us wit all yr jointz, g!

(thanks to Premium Blend)


The Bobo said...

White man can't rap!

It would really be bad for Mc Potbelly to play his music at a club in say Compton.
The plus side is we would never have to hear anything new from him again.

Mr Fab said...

Got a note from Potbelly himself - he's sending me the whole album. Woo-hoo!