Friday, July 08, 2005


Yesterday's "Defenders of Marriage" tune reminded me of comedian Eugene Mirman's reverse-prank calls - instead of calling his victims, they call him:

"Starting in late December I began to get phone calls from what I thought was a phone company (United American Technologies) trying to get me to switch from my phone company to a Christian one that didn¹t support gay marriage and pornography...It turns out that they are from a non-profit that works with United American Technologies and calls people on their behalf. UAT then donates money to them...You can also read this article from the New York Sun for more information."

Mirman's reactions are priceless when he is told such mind-boggling lunacy as which phone companies support child pornography. The hillbillies he's dealing with have no idea they're being goofed on, of course. Classic.
"Anti-Gay Phone Company I"
"Anti-Gay Phone Company II"

While we're at it, check out Mirman's "Marvelous Crooning Child." Almost as simultaneously funny and scary as the phone calls. "White Rabbit" is particuarly sick.


bobbins said...

Thanks for the Crooning Child link. I had that a few years ago and lost it when my computer died. That child scares the shit out of me!

Anonymous said...

I love the Hotel California clip. There is something creepy with that kid.

I didn't know Fred Phelps has a phone company??

Mr Fab said...

He he, check Jan 6: the Fred Phelps Singers:

Molly Bandit said...

that phone bit was absolutely surreal.