Friday, July 29, 2005


Always good to revisit the standards every now and then - after all, there could be youngsters out there new to the world of strange recordings, and veterans should stay in touch with their roots, no?

"Wild thing, you make my heart sing," sang The Troggs on their big '60s hit, but nothing was as wild as a bootleg recording of them swearing at each other during their attempt to record another hit. Rudderless without a producer, they bicker endlessly, as anxiety and frustration mount to the point where one can't believe they ever managed to record anything, much less a hit. Unfortunately for the British combo, this has become one of their best known recordings. It's even featured on their box-set collection "Archeology."

Apart from inspiring a scene in the film "Spinal Tap," it also became the basis for a sketch on the famous American comedy show, "Saturday Night Live." Set during medieval times, the sketch was based on an almost word-for-word transcription of the Troggs tapes, with "flogging" substituted for the Trogg's favorite swear word. Paul Schaffer (now David Letterman's bandleader) accidentally said "fucking" once instead of "flogging", and, as "SNL" is taped live, it went out uncensored to America's living rooms. As Schaffer later said, "It was sort of historic."

"The Troggs Tapes"


GRK. said...

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Dubba dubba dubba CHA!

DDay said...

Check similar bickering and audio bloopers on the Nick Bougas presents series.
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Mr Fab said...

Awesome, thanks.

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philcycles said...

I ahve what must be the most complete, closest to the original version ever. I got it from the ex-wife of the engineer who recorded and assembled it-Richard Appere. and it's a half track for improved fidelity.

Mr Fab said...

Well, lay it on us, philcycles!

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