Thursday, October 28, 2004

The World's Most *ahem* UNIQUE Singer

Wing is a middle-aged Chinese woman who started recording her own CDs after moving to New Zealand. She's obviously spent scads of cash on hiring slick back-up musicians, recording albums, photos, web-site, etc. Like Ed Wood was, she apparently has no doubts as to her talent.

The lovely and talented Mrs Fab bought me Wing's new one, a Beatles tribute, for my birthday in September, and it is spectacular. Imagine a whole album of this: I Want To Hold Your Hand Of special note is her take on "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" - I've never heard the word "kaleidescope" pronounced that way. Must be a New Zealand dialect.

For $3.95 you can join Wing's club and get 5 free downloads. Otherwise, send away for one of her 8 (!) CDs like my missus did, and watch your friend's jaws drop when you play 'em.

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rj said...

speaking of ed wood and unique singers, qiute some steps above Ed Wood and wing is Naomi Hall. She wrote that Ed Wood "Bride of the monster" song on the incorrect musichour some time ago and remade it at and I thkn she colaborrated with Otis Fodder at one point

Nice blog! Gonna read more.