Monday, October 25, 2004


He doesn't really. That's just the name of his latest CD-R. And if the Land of Music For Maniacs had one of those wacky drive-time morning radio shows, it would be this. Arizona's Wayne Butane, like a cross between Howard Stern and Negativland, cuts up sound bytes from every conceivable source - radio, TV, old records etc - and makes them all sound lewd, rude and crude, with more belching and farts this side of an old-folks home. Audio surrealism abounds: Martha Stewart makes "hedgehog barley soup," as a stoned-on-Oxycontin Rush Limbaugh mumbles and giggles over psychedelic rock. Wayne's previous disk "Backwash" was arguably better, but was just one long track - this one's divided up into 7 tracks for your convenience. Only 5 bucks from , a bargain considering how many countless hours of sound editing must have gone into this. And remember: "Free Nelson Mandela! Inside specially marked boxes of Kellog's Puffed Rice."

Some quick mp3 snippets from one of his older recordings are at the bottom of this page:

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