Wednesday, October 20, 2004


"How's Your News" is the name of a roaming band of retarded/disabled young folk who crossed the country on 2001, recording some incredible music along the way: Buy the CD, watch the video (financed by the "South Park" guys, by the way). And this Friday Oct 25 they'll be performing in New York to celebrate their new documentary "How's Your News: Election Special." It features their interviews with many major political playas at the Rebublican and Democratic national conventions, and it airs on Channel 4, UK, Oct 26, and, in the US, Nov 2, 9:00pm on the Trio channel.

What's Trio, anyway? A whole network dedicated to those "Da Da Da" guys? I wish we got it - I read recently that they show classic porno movies with all the sex cut out - "Debbie Does Dallas" in 30 minutes.

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beautiful, brilliant, retarded