Wednesday, October 27, 2004

2 ONLINE ALBUMS: "Monster Mash-Up," "Bushwacked!"

UPDATE: DJBC sent me a note this morning (11/2/04) stating that "Monster Mash-Up" is offline due to a dispute with his server. Hope it clears up soon.
Free downloadable music/video/artwork - WARNING! I contributed to both: "Monster Mash-Up," compiled by Boston's DJBC, plunders spooky music, movie dialogue, and monster-rock classics: Nirvana meets Bobby "Boris" Pickett, The Cramps visit a "redrum," a hilariously grewsome video of what looks like a really bad zombie movie sports a new exotica soundtrack; I did track 3: Sinatra sings "Witchcraft" over Gary Glitter's "Rock'n'Roll prt2."

Even scarier: "Bushwacked!" a 2-disk collection of sound-collage/sampling songs about "President" Bush and the war is now available, thanks to Twinkleboi:
Lots of funny Bush speech cut-ups, but some just let Bush stick his foot in his mouth without any assistance. RX is particulary brilliant: "Dick Is A Killer" is hilarious, and, incredibly, RX actually gets Bush to sing U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday" thru the miracle of sound editing.
I did "O.I.L." featuring Jello Biafra, Big Black, Black Sabbath, Hendrix, and The Misfits.

Both are highly recommended, despite my contributions...

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