Wednesday, October 20, 2004


How'd I miss this? The Kids of Widney High have a new album - "Act Your Age." Widney High is a school for retarded/disabled kids who write their own songs, backed by grown-ups from the faculty. Their debut's slick '80's dance-pop production was in startling contrast to the off-key vocals and wildly uninhibited performances, but the follow-up "Let's Get Busy" corrected that with rockin' guitar arrangements that turned the Kids' rantings into something resembling a pack of pint-sized Henry Rollinses.

Their new one is their best yet: "Life Without The Cow" is a great punktry-western stomper that ponders, yes, life without cows: "No Ben & Jerrys!" Glad to see their long-time yuletide favorite "Santa's In A Wheelchair" is finally committed to one of their disks, and "Valentine's Day" will honestly put a lump in your throat. As for "E.L.V.I.S., " wow. WOW. Must be hear to be believed. Here's an excerpt:

Bet you wish you live in Los Angeles, home of Widney High. The Kids frequently play around here, and I'll never forget when I saw them rock the CIA. The California Institute of the AbnormalArts, that is, located literally around the corner from my estate, Faboo Manor. The CIA is worth a visit no matter who's playing. It's designed to feel like you're entering a creepy/fun carnival sideshow, with an extensive collection of circus memorabilia including, at one point, a (supposedly) mummified clown. What better venue for the Kids as they tore thru their reportorie, including rockified remakes of first album classics like "Insects" (they don't like them) and that ode to the importance of doing your chores, "Throw Away The Trash"? No helpless, pathetic Jerry's Kids these: "We got CDs and T-shirts for sale here! Thank You!" The Kids are not only alright, they're all rock.

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da kids weely wock...o cwap, i need new diapuh!