Tuesday, October 19, 2004

MR FAB - "Graffiti Beetles"

Graffiti: spray-painting original art over someone else's property.

MR FAB - "Graffiti Beetles"

Song titles are anagrams of the song that provided the backing track.

1. I Want Horny Adulthood
2. See Rock Tatoo Wound (Yawn...)

3. You're Moot, FM
4. Ma Peels Eel Peas
5. DEVO Mole
6. Reagan Twisted Her Shin
7. Yo! Ho Us, Elves
8. Dad Hath a Syringe
9. My Vocable Tune
10. What Donut Sits?
11. [missing, hope to add it later]

12. I Wowed On Organ
13. Jed Huey
14. [also missing, but it wasn't that great]
15. Fervid Retro Barfly's Sewer
16. Bleet It

Mr Fab plays primarily on a custom-rigged Roland Juno 60 synthesizer, and frying pan, trash can and snare drum on "What Donut Sits?"

Recorded late 1990's on 8-track cassette. Thanks to whoever did the artwork!

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