Monday, January 14, 2013

More Experimental Music From A 3-Year-Old Girl...

...tho I think she's at least 4 years old by now. Anyway, Stinky Picnic's long-awaited (by me, at least) follow-up to last years' swell "Cockles" has dropped, and it's even more swell. So swell, it is practically swollen, with more of dad's psychedelic minimalistic grooves and his girl's lyrics about monsters, birds, lizards (and the smelliness thereof), and, er, "bear mummies." And she can count up to 22. "...nearly 100% improvised live using loop pedals and piles of instruments." "Cat Collar" has such an ill groove that even those poor souls allergic to the charms of cute li'l girls will be nodding their heads to the shoegaze-y beat.

Stinky Picnic "Peaceful and Quiet"

Pops sez: "Indigo said we should call it "Peaceful and Quiet" so that when people hear a track like 'Brains' they'll "totally freak out"! Man, I love that girl o'mine..."  I feel ya, dad: yesterday, my daughter was singing "Old MacDonald" over an instrumental version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Baby's First Mashup! And she was making up lyrics about critters I don't recall being on Ol Mac's farm, like butterflies (..."with a flap flap here, a flap flap there..."). Already showing a healthy disregard for musical traditions.


Anonymous said...

seriously stoked about hearing this.

A D M said...

Haha - awesome! Glad everyone is enjoying listening to the Stinky Experience as much as we did making it. And yes, she's just turned 5 now (how time flies), no longer a '3-year-old girl' at all! These pieces were mostly made when she was 4, all except 'Sick Sick Sick'.

BTW - details about the songs are available if you click on each track individually, like who's playing what and how the songs originated, and so on. Indigo is responsible for a lot more than the vocals! :)

Cheers, and thanks again for the support!

Stinky Picnic

Ismael Lima said...


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