Wednesday, November 28, 2012

ALBUM(S) DU JOUR #1: Reposts

Took time off for Thanksgiving holiday, will take more time off in Dec/Jan. So let's try to catch up with a post a day.  They said it couldn't be done!

First up, some old business: have had some requests to re-up some long-gone oldies, so here they are:

Paul Lowry: 4 songs, by avant-'tarde genius BBC engineer about whom nothing is known.  YOU NEED THIS.  If you listen to People Like Us, these might sound familiar as she's been using them in her various projects since I first posted these way back when.

Kosmic Keyboard Chants: The occult organ instrumentals of Paramahansa Yogananda's Cosmic Chants, arranged and played by a Self-Realization Fellowship monk.

CURL ACTIVATE!: doing a complete 180 from 'Cosmic Chants' comes this collection of Novelty Hip-Hop 12" Singles of the '80s.

And, apropos of nothing, let's look at this funny picture, shall we?


Ivan T. W. said...

Holy Hell, that Paul Lowry stuff is incredible! Thanks for the find. And Buddi Satan, uh? Looks like he has an album out, too...

Mr Fab said...

Yep, Buddi Satan's album is apparently your basic cocktail jazz, but man, dig that cover:

Anonymous said...

CAPTAIN... I CAN'T CHANGE THE LAWS OF PHYSICS!!!- In other words... I can't seem to get that 'curl activate' file @ mediaF to start downloading. It comes up to the download page , tries to fix itself, then loops. Poor physics or some weird mediaF block?

Mr Fab said...

Scotty, it would appear that the Klingons now running Mediafire are messin' with us. I'll put up an alternate link soon.