Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Australian tabloid fodder Peter Andre and his wife Jordan recently recorded a duet version of the song "A Whole New World," apparently for an upcoming Christmas album. Peter is a professional singer in that boy-band psuedo-r'n'b style. His wife is famous, being his wife. Remember in "I Love Lucy" how Lucy always wanted to sing at the club with Ricky, and Rick never thought it was a good idea? Now you know why:

Peter Andre and Jordan: "A Whole New World" - Not bad for the first minute or so, until she starts singing. WOW.

To make it even more cruel, the vocals are way up in the mix, like the infamous Linda McCartney tape. The Andres, embarrassed by the leak of this song, are claiming it's a hoax. Uh huh.


Bill S. said...

I like how they double-track her voice, because nothing improves bad singing more than giving the singer twice as many chances to sing out of tune.

Anonymous said...

O U C H !