Tuesday, October 03, 2006


"Bride of Monster Mash-Up" now available! A various-artists free download album of old records remixed/mashed-up that's scarier then a Republican boy-lover's e-mails! (All right, maybe not THAT scary...)

Features music from M4M faves like dj BC, Dj NoNo, Pilchard, Cheekyboy , DJ Earlybird, Essexboy, Solcofn, AberNstein and lots more: podcasts, videos, a bonus collection of leftovers, even a shop for shirts'n'stuff. The organizers really went nuts.

WARNING: I'm represented as well, "singing" a song called Cannibal Zombie Mom over trashy '60s rockers The Standells and The Ventures. But the rest of the album's really good.

If you don't want to bother downloading each individual song, you can listen to a mix of the whole darn thing:

Mix Of The Whole Darn Thing

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