Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Weird music doesn't end with Halloween. Autumn is upon us, and as the weather gets chilly and the leaves fall, haunting mood music is perfectly appropriate all season, not just Oct. 31.

"The Caretaker" makes eerie greatness out of old '20s and '30s dance band records, playing up the inherent spookiness of old 78s by smothering them under tons of effects (echo, delay, etc), and sometimes sloooowing them down to create the soundtrack to a "Haunted Ballroom." Songs from this 1999 release such as "One Thousand Memories," "Haunting Me" and "Thronged with Ghosts" actually sound like their titles. The follow-up album "A Stairway to the Stars" features more dreamy ambient melancholy nostalgia:

The Caretaker - "It's All Forgotten Now"
The Caretaker - "Masquerade Ball"


Tony said...

Wow. It's like I'm at the Overlook Hotel. The Caretaker name makes complete sense. Thanks for introducing me to this.

The bobo said...

Funny you say that because The Shining was the first thing that popped into my head as I heard this!

Great stuff.

Mr Fab said...

Funny, I was just at the "Shining" hotel a couple of months ago, when I was visiting Colorado. It's actually in the midst of a very crowded tourist-y area, not isolated or scary at all.

Davecat said...

Brilliantly chilling. Thanks for the link!