Thursday, October 19, 2006

James Blunt, You're Pitiful

Weird Al Yankovic's latest album, "Straight Outta Lynwood," will NOT be including his parody of "You're Beautiful," the sap-fest by Oprah's fave new singer James Blunt. LAME. C'mon, everyone (well, except Prince) let's Weird Al do his thing with their music, even when it's ridiculing the song, ala his "Achy-Breaky Heart" parody: "Don't you play that song, that Achy-Breaky Song."

"You're Pitiful" is, actually, not making fun of Blunt or the song, so what's the problem? Didn't you just get here, Blunt? Weird Al's been in the biz for decades - he OWNS you. He could probably have you killed if he so desired. Killed in nasty ways.

Actually, it was apparently Blunt's label that put the kibosh on it. As Al sez here: "James Blunt could still let me put it on my album if he really wanted to, but he obviously doesn't want to alienate his own record company... and my label could release the parody without Atlantic's blessing, but they don't really want to go to war with another label over this."

So Al's put it out over the inter-webs. Take that, suits!

"Weird Al" Yankovic: "You're Pitiful"

This is the greatest crime against parodies since Phil Collins refused to allow Mr. Methane to stink up one of his songs.


Ulrik Kold said...

Actually Mr. James Blunt was honored to be 'mocked' by Yankovic, but his record label denies it - as I remember the interview with Weird Al at his website.

So much for being a signed artist...

Anonymous said...

See This!!!
Weird Al interviews Eminemenememem

Mr Fab said...

Damn right - that eminem "interview" is the funniest clip you will ever see in the internet's history of the internet internet.

Scott said...

Yah, what dey say.

Blunt was cool with it.

Atlantic Records refused the parody, according to WAY. Which, actually, they have NO right to do.

WAY just asks permission so the artist won't be pissed off(see: the Coolio incident). Since Blunt didn't mind, WAY put the song on his site for a free download.

Yay WAY.

Hok said...

WAY to go Durrhurrr