Saturday, April 27, 2013

Taking Your Re-Post Requests on the Request Line...

UPDATE (4/29/13): Borrah Minovitch & his harmonica Rascals 

UPDATE: the Russian Horny Choir is back. Much thanks and praise to hybridelephant for sending it our way! Which reminds me: he sent me a link to his own band And More, I was listenin' and diggin' it...and never got around to writing about.  So everyone should go check 'em out.

Esso Trinidad Steelband: "Calypso Christmas"

I can't repost the Filipino Village People album as it is now available on Amazon and iTunes. But I was able to re-up:

Alen Robin "Naked, Really Naked"
RIAA "Wonderful World Of Sound"
RIAA "Risque, Illicit And Adult"


Anonymous said...

i not only have a copy of it, but i also have a transliterated (and translated) list of the track names, and a translated album title. do you want a copy?

Mr Fab said...

Yes, pleeze!
Much thanks, comrade.

Anonymous said...

Big fan of the blog, Mr. Fab.

It's a bit out of season, but would it possible for you to re-up the Esso Trinidad Steelband Calypso Christmas album?


Anonymous said...

you should be receiving email with a link soon. 8)

Dirk Bill said...

Thank you, Senor Fab, for the shout-out to put the Horny Russians back on my radar!

andy said...

would it be possible to repost Borrah Minevitch & His Harmonica Rascals

Please and thank you