Friday, April 26, 2013

Sisqo's "Thong Song" for Music Box And Theremin

I'm sure we all have our own favorites, but my pick for best cover of Sisqo's ubiquitous 1999 hip-hop hit "The Thong Song" for antique-sounding music box and theremin would have to be the one by British duo Eccentronic. It's short, maybe too short (not to be confused with the rapper Too Short, har har), funny, and really quite nice. One of those audio anomalies that shouldn't exist in our universe, much less work as well as it does. It's a free download:

Eccentronic  "Thong Song"

Speaking of audio anomalies, can someone explain why I was driving down the freeway yesterday evening listening to the radio when a robo-voice came thru my speakers telling me that the Vermont off-ramp was in two miles...and I don't have GPS?!

Never heard from the phantom voice again. Freaky.


Lee said...

Great chaps, good friends. One of them used to be on Warp Records.

Mr Fab said...

Love your new site, Lee - will have to add it to my links.

Ms Hypnotique said...

Thanks for sharing our Thong Song link! Glad you enjoyed, we are mainly doing original songs (about idiosyncratic aspects of British life and culture like dossing around on the internet) now but we still play this as our 'weird' cover version.

John Callaghan was on Warp Records, until he got dropped.

Mr Fab said...

Great to hear from you, Ms Hypnotique. I'm a theremin fan, which is how I found your site. Keep us up to date!