Friday, February 15, 2008

"Risque, Illicit and Adult"

"Risque, Illicit and Adult" is RIAA's 2007 collection - single tracks, compilation cuts, and miscellany, including such nuttiness as The Violent Femmes "Blister In The Sun" mixed with "Smoke on the Water." Not the Deep Purple original, but Senor Coconut's kooky electro-Latin version.

RIAA: "Risque, Illicit and Adult"

1. I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
2. Smoke on the Sun
3. Smells like your Muddah
4. Sexy Pipeline
5. sshhaakkee yyoouurruummpp
6. Everytime You Touch Titties

7. Pacifica Fish Dance
8. Revelation Fever
9. Down at Mississippi
10. The Harder They Party
11. Candy Enema Shok
12. (Models Gotta) Fight For Their Right (To Mambo)
13. Coming To Get Bloodstains
14. Wake Me Up When Sept 11 Ends
15. Mind Control CIA
16. Guess I'm Falling Into Bubbles
17. Walking on the Moog
18. Gristle Calypso
19. Lord Only Knows
(with People Like Us)

TRACK SOURCES: 1. Avril Lavigne vs The Rubinoos 2. Senor Coconut vs Violent Femmes 3. Alan Sherman vs Nirvana 4. Lords of Acid vs The Chantays 5. Beastie Boys vs Reuben Wilson 6. Gravy Train!!! vs Moby vs Rusty Warren 7. Chemical Brothers vs Los Straitjackets 8. Peggy Lee vs Son House 9. Howlin Wolf vs. Violator & Doughbelly Stray 10. Manu Dibango vs Rocker's Revenge 11. Village People vs Wayne Newton (title is an anagram of "Danke Shoen" and "YMCA." ) 12. Beastie Boys vs Tito Puente vs Kraftwerk 13. Agent Orange vs The Who Boys 14. Rudolph Giuliani vs Green Day vs Nader (winner of the Remix Rudy contest!) 15. Stone Roses, Curtis Mayfield, The Last Poets vs tv documentary "Mind Control: America's Secret War" 16. Velvet Underground vs U.S. Army Airborne 17. The Police vs Fred Weinberg 18. Throbbing Gristle vs Kon Tiki steel drum band 19. George Harrison vs Beach Boys vs My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (with People Like Us)
Additional beats and sounds: RIAA
Artwork by Shag


somegeek said...

it's not there at any of the links.arrgh :(

Mr Fab said...

Sorry geek, I'll try to put it up tonight or tomorrow.

somegeek said...

thanks for the re-up i forgot i asked about this.and i'll give some feedback in couple of days.sorry to be a hassle.

hey what's your favorite album of yours ??

read a segement on one of your sites that you've retired/until you get the studio set up.

i didn't know that was the reason/but you're nt doing mashes just seemed to fit in so well with how things are know with people that do interesting stuff since to have left the game.that i didn't think a reason was needed for your departure.

and isn't funny how the mash up fans that usally hated when a mash up had more than two sources/the types that usually whined when that happened.

love it when a mash up has more than two sources(hell, it can even have more than 10) if every song in mash up is well known radio song from the last 3/4 years. *rolls eyes*.

Mr Fab said...

Oh, I couldn't pick a favorite album - they're all my babies! "Dirt Bacharach" and "Sounds For The Space Set" are probably the most popular, but that might have just been to due to certain popular sites like boingboing picking up on them. If you like mashups with multiple sources, "USA" has hundreds.

I'll get back into making music one day. I'm just retired because of new baby/computer deaths/new house etc. Y'know, "real life."