Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Among the "sounds of space" collected by University of Iowa instruments: the eerie sounds and bizarre features of Saturn's radio emissions captured by the Cassini spacecraft. Whooshing winds and theremin-ish wails - I love it because it sounds exactly like what I think outer space should sound like.

Saturn radio emissions

Thinking of sampling this stuff? Legendary composer Terry Riley beat you to it: the ubiquitous Kronos Quartet sometimes performs his 2002 piece "Sun Rings" using some of these sounds. Couldn't find any recording info, therefore I unfortunately cannot direct you to a cd. So just play a Sun Ra album and these sounds at the same time.


Phil said...

Love it.

J-Unit 1 said...


In the in-page audio player you can listen to "One People, One Earth, One Love" from Sun Rings. I do not currently have time to listen to the track to check if that particular portion of the Sun Rings concert has the aforementioned samples, but it may be of interest to anyone generally interested in the concert.

J-Unit 1
The Deuce Project: Sci-Fi Radio

Anonymous said...

Wow, this sounds remakably similar to the Forbiden Palnet Soundtrack...