Tuesday, August 24, 2010


For those of you who liked Geoff Leigh's brand of prog/punk/jazz/weirdness we wrote about a couple months back, here's a new 7-song free online EP of tracks from his band X Black Sheep.

Pick hit: "Cosmetic Surgery," in which a rather sinister-sounding doctor gleefully describes how he loves "Cutting! Slicing! Sucking fat!" over Space Age synth pings and pongs and Leigh's soprano sax. Also: the whacked-out "Superman" from 1981, which could be by a German female-fronted Residents, and "Tongue Tied in Tibet," an Eastern drone meditation rescued from the New Age by a nut shouting "bad karma for the Dalai Lama!"

X Black Sheep "Out of Quarantine"

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Holly said...

Thank you for the link(s)!