Monday, August 16, 2010


Doesn't get much goofier then this: an entire album of grungy rock instrumentals with "vocals" courtesy of "Star Trek" dialogue samples.

Vulcan Freedom Fighters also throw in plenty of "Trek" sound effects. Each song seems to deal with one "Trek" episode at a time - the original series, of course. Although guitars dominate, occasional electronics pop in to give the album a fair amount of variety, from heavy metal to slightly chilled. Harmonica is used on the funny Old West-set "Horse-Stealin' Scurvy Crew." How Kirk and the gang ended up in the old West I do not know - haven't watched the show since childhood. But it's that kind of randomness that makes this album entertaining even (perhaps especially) to non-Trekkies.

Obviously this is part of the long tradition of "Trek" fan music, but the unique sample-based approach, and the whole pop-culture oddness of it all makes this one fan project that weirdo-music lovers in general can enjoy.

Pick hits: "Horta," whose chorus features Spock screaming "the pain!" "We Are The Metrons" had me banging my head and throwing up the Vulcan sign, not the devil horns. The sound-effects-laden (and possible pornographic) "Argelius" is pretty brilliant, too.

The entire album is available as a free download:

Vulcan Freedom Fighters

There isn't much biographical info on their site, but
apparently they are a duo who have a Louisville, KY address, recorded the album in Barcelona, Spain and, judging by the pictures posted, they play (surprise!) conventions.


DJWildBill said...

In Horta that is Leonard Nimoy as Spock screaming "The pain". He mind melded with the Horta in order to stop the beast from killing the mining colony's workers and after doing so, Spock found that Horta was a she (as if the first syllable in the name wasn't a clue) and that she was protecting her eggs. The Horta reproduced only once then would die. She was killing only to stop the miners from breaking her eggs and killing her children.

"No kill I"

Don't tell me you don't remember!

Just sayin'...

Mr Fab said...

Oh yeah, THAT episode (he he)! Corrected, thank you WildBill.

J-Unit 1 said...

Crazy...I could have sworn it was this blog where I found these guys before. Regardless, a happy reminder :)

Oh, and it is worth noting I heard some of the America mix on my station when I was driving around tonight on the fabulous show Swag!
Pretty great to hear the RIAA on the radio while out and about.

J-Unit 1

Mr Fab said...

I found this whilst perusing OddioOverplay - maybe that's where you found it?

Glad to hear that about "USA" - hey, some folks are big in Japan, I'm big in Kalamazoo!

J-Unit 1 said...

Yep. It was Oddio, I found an old link in my bookmarks. Kalamazoo is kind of like some way I'm sure.