Sunday, August 08, 2010


Yes, it's a steel- cage death match between two celebrity-narrated "singing" animal eco-kitsch albums. In this corner:

From 1984, inspired by a "Star Trek" film, Leonard Nimoy on ponderous narration, humpback whales on vocals, Paul Winter and Roger Payne on jazz/orchestral music:

"Whales Alive" - rather nice and soothing undersea so
unds for these dog days of summer

And in this corner...

From 1971, Robert Redford on indifferent, occasionally incorrect narration (wolves have never killed man?), wolves on vocals. Halloween spooky.

The Language and Music of the Wolves

Who will win? Why, you the listener, of course!

Both of these fine selections are courtesy of one of this blogs best-est pals, windbag. Thanks, dood, live long & prosper and whatnot.


Anonymous said...

As Ol' Blue Eyes said at the end of his (minor) hit, "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown," --"Ruff! Ruff!"


Anonymous said...

thx, windbag!

side 2 of "whales" gets pretty hilarious with Nimoy's "Thar sheee blooooooows..."

Anonymous said...

A new contender?

Mr Fab said...

I checked out that plus tapes link: the album comes "wrapped inside of an actual taxidermied wolf face." What the..? For real?!

And what's the music like?

Anonymous said...

totally for real. the music is pretty solid, If you're a fan of Mr. Redford's record you'll love it.

Art Rush said...

the wolf sounds on the robert redford album were sampled on Joni Mitchell's "The Wolf that Lives in Lindsey"

Anonymous said...

You're introducing me to music I never knew I needed!

Tatianna Raquel said...

I have a CD "Whales Alive" (with narration by Leonard Nimoy with voices of the Humpback whales) and, when I listen to it (and Nimoy, of course), I love it a lot!!