Monday, August 23, 2010


Two very obscure outsider oddities are coming to town. I definitely recommend:

Rotate The Completer, a New Zealand street performer who would hand out cassettes of his wonderful deformed blues guitar + Gomer Pyle vocals. His admirers would mail out tapes and I was about willing to send all the way Down Under for one of them when the good people at Roaratorio records announced that they're issuing it on vinyl. Release date: Sept. 21, 2010. (Check Roaratorio's catalog for other goodies from Rodd Keith, Pauline Oliveros, free-improv madness...)

Rotate The Completer "track # 6"

Michael Farneti is an unknown Floridian who in 1976 made an attempt at MOR sophisticated listening, but ended up with something far stranger. Since we've covered just about every other release on the crucial outsider reissue label Companion Records, why stop now? Farneti's "Good Morning Kisses" LP is coming out on vinyl soon. Let's get exotic:

Michael Farne
ti "In The Jungle"

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