Saturday, April 21, 2007


News item:

"A giant red squirrel named M.C. Nuts belts out a Hip Hop version of the Wordsworth poem, "Daffodils" in honour of its 200th anniversary.

The music video was created on behalf of the Cumbria Tourism board in Northern England and it was designed to appeal to the next generation of Lake District visitors.

William Wordsworth is considered by academics and writers alike as one of the greatest poets of all time; M.C. Nuts is hoping to ensure that the youth of today show their respect for the English poem in the future."

M.C. Nuts: "Daffodils"

But you have got to see the video to truly appreciate this - nothing says hip-hop like a guy in a giant squirrel costume, eh?


Anonymous said...

Hey, do those "furries" perverts have any music?!

Mr Fab said...

Ha, that's what I was hoping that group Super Furry Animals were...