Thursday, April 05, 2007


Ah damn. Donald Rumsfeld isn't Secretary of Defense anymore. I say this not because I'm a big fan of his Iraq strategy (is anyone?) but because this first mp3 of one of his press conference statements set to music is already a little out-of-date now that he's no longer in office. But I just got this CD! It's still really good honest!

Phil Kline is a New York based composer mostly known for his "Unsilent Night" events every Christmas were anyone can show up to a pre-determined public place and play a tape or CD of his music - a kind of concerto for boomboxes. His 2004 album Zippo Songs (lyrics must fit on the side of a lighter) features operatic vocals straight-facedly intoning lyrics based on Rumsfeld's speeches, including his infamous "known knowns and known unknowns" comment.

Phil Kline: "As We Know"

Fortunately, Orange County's VoiceDude is a little quicker on the draw then I am - he released a remix today of that jaw-dropping car-wreck of a rap song featuring Bush string-puller Karl Rove that's so damn funky it actually makes this cringe-worthy attempt at Republican humor very entertaining, especially when Three Dog Night drop in. And I never thought I'd say that about Three Dog Night.

"The Roving Liar" is available here.

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