Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Interwebular happenings you should be aware of:

Egg City Radio: Rising from the ashes of the late great Post-Punk Junk site, Brett's new 'net-home will be focusing on podcasts and he's already posted a few, including one featuring only 30-second-long songs. Not so many album/mp3 sharities this time, but he has posted one album (a truly sick, strange disco relic), so hopefully there will be more to come.

Flying Saucer Music: Greg from Radio Mysterioso is putting up an mp3 a week of vintage space/UFO novelty and outsider records (folk songs by an alien "contactee"?!).

Western Electric is a groovy new eclectic music podcast that plays occasional Music For Maniacs stuff.

Counterstream Radio: Continuous streaming radio of contemporary and experimental composers e.g., Cage, Glass, Laurie Anderson, as well as the likes of Kid606. Hey, they just played Glen Branca - I saw him in concert last year with his symphony for 100 electric guitars. Mike Watt was one of the 15 bassists. It was kinda loud.

Been spending an awful lot of time at Mutant Sounds and Loronix, two ridiculously prolific album-share blogs, the former featuring lots of prog/psych/avant weirdness, the latter Brazilian music. Seriously, there's years worth of music on both sites, so I'm using "search" to focus on the minimal synth New Wave/punk early '80s and Los Angeles Free Music Society '70s/'80s oddities (like this gem) from Mutant Sounds, and Tropicalia records from Loronix.

I'm very familiar with bossa nova, but the late' 60s/early '70s psych-funk of the Tropicalia scene is much more obscure to us Yanks, though it has grown in reputation in recent years. I can only imagine how startling this Gal Costa album must have sounded in the '60s - it's mix of acid-rock guitars, occasional Yoko-like shrieks, and tape/loop/delay experimentation would have blown that girl from Ipanema all the way to Jupiter.

So! That oughta keep you busy for a few lifetimes...


Richard Sinclair said...

Just thought I'd thank you for the Flying Saucer Music and Mutant Sounds links. Fun stuff to be found there for sure. I'll be using those.

snarf said...

I thought that I'd add that besides Western Electric, our syndicated radio show, Cheeze Pleeze often mines from the Music For Maniacs page, and I confess, M4M introduced me to the "mashup" which we have played in the past, and will continue to occasionally...The Wacky, Warped and weird with your Hosts Snarfdude and Daffodil (which can be often bounce off the walls of the van they drive around in!) can be had at http://www.cheezepleeze.com