Monday, October 12, 2015

Oh Come On, MORE Experimental Psychedelic Bagpipe Music?!

Count 'em
Yeah, I know, but this one's really great. Julia Wolfe, of New York's Bang On A Can posse, released this a few years ago, and is performing it for the first time in Los Angeles this week - on a bluff overlooking the ocean. For FREE. It's a teaser to get you to see the BOAC concert. The whole piece runs about 13 minutes. No other instruments, just bagpipes. 

The first part is total mind-melting psych drone, like Glen Branca in a kilt. Not only does it sound nothing like what I thought bagpipe music was supposed to sound like, it pretty much caved in my skull. And I do not take drugs. Part 2 sounds more bagpipe-y, and gets into subtle minimalism territory.

Julia Wolfe "Lad (for 9 bagpipes)" parts 1 and 2

from the album "Dark Full Ride"

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Timmy said...

This feels like tits! I hope to be there on the bluff at Wilshire Blvd. & Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica on Oct. 17th.