Thursday, October 15, 2015

"Night Of The Living Dead" soundtrack

I think this speaks for itself, doesn't it?

The internets sez: "Since their meager budget did not allow for an original music score, producer Karl Hardman selected cues from the Capitol Hi-Q production music library which [director George] Romero masterfully edited into the film. The end result was spine-chilling. Although this same music had been used more than a decade earlier in low-budget efforts such as Teenagers from Outer Space, The Hideous Sun Demon and The Killer Shrews, it would become forever known as the soundtrack to Night of the Living Dead."

Choice bits of dialogue are also included in this collection.

Night Of The Living Dead OST

A1 Spencer Moore Driveway To The Cemetary (Main Title)
A2 William Loose / Seely At The Gravesite/Flight/Refuge
A3 George Hormel Farmhouse/First Approach
A4 Ib Glindemann Ghoulash (J.R.'s Demise)
A5 George Hormel / William Loose / Seely / Ib Glindemann Boarding Up
A6 Philip Green / George Hormel First Radio Report/Torch On The Porch
A7 George Hormel Boarding Up 2/Discovery: Gun N' Ammo
A8 Spencer Moore Cleaning House
B1 Ib Glindemann First Advance
B2 George Hormel / Jack Meakin Discovery Of TV/Preparing To Escape/Tom & Judy
B3 George Hormel Attempted Escape
B4 George Hormel Truck On Fire/Ben Attacks Harry/Leg Of Leg
Effects [Electronic Sound Effects] – Karl Hardman
B5 George Hormel Beat 'Em Or Burn 'Em/Final Advance
B6 Spencer Moore Helen's Death/Dawn/Posse In The Fields/Ben Awakes
Effects [Electronic Sound Effects] – Karl Hardman
B7 Spencer Moore O.K. Vince/Funeral Pyre (End Title)


Anonymous said...

Timely and delicious. Thank you.


SoylentWhiteTrash said...

Could you imagine if Ed Wood had directed "Night of the Living Dead"? Criswell giving some sort of sanctimonious speech at the end would have been awesome. An Ed Wood Amusement Park has been a lifelong dream of mine.

Mr Fab said...

You're welcome!

That's funny Soylent. I can just imagine: Greetings my friends! You are interested in zombies - that is why you are here!

I have to know - what would (Wood?) that amusement park be like?

soyentwhitetetrash said...

Wood Eddie World
Note: The entire park is painted in black and white to save money.
- the beautiful Glennderella's Castle
- Ride of the Monster
- Bumper Tors (headstones fall over as you bump into each other)
- "It's Angora After All" plays as you ride through stock footage from around the world.
- Criswell's Tomorrowland
- Plan 9 From Outer Space Mountain

Mr Fab said...

Ha, that is genius. If you build it, they will come! (And by "they" of course I mean "me.")

Moy Con said...

This is great! One of my favorite flicks of all time. The music, although the stock canned variety, elevate any movie that used it mainly because of it's ties to NOTLD!