Friday, February 14, 2014

The Acapella Death-Metal of EyeSea

What's more ridiculous than death metal? Howzabout acapella death-metal? EyeSea's "blue ten" is an entire album of Cookie Monster vocals going 'rowr rowr rowr', screams, and silences. And they don't cheat by sneaking in other sounds - there really are no other instruments.  Are they even "singing" in English, or is this a guy clearing his throat for 22 minutes?  Whatever it is, I was laffin'!  

To the remixers and sound-collagists of the world: you're welcome.

 EyeSea "Stück 6"


a demon sheen said...

i'm enjoying this more than i thought i would. thanks!

Anonymous said...

What is more ridiculous than Death Metal? Well I believe it is reading a blog from a person who has absolutely ZERO understanding of music!! I care not for music that is intended to belittle a genre so that said person can feel intelligent.

Mr Fab said...

Another satisfied customer!

Anonymous said...

greets from the high-screamer here!
great find haha.
Please post here if you use these sounds