Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clint East Woody Allen Alda

Last month, I posted two albums from the '90s, "Shaken and Stirred," and "Sub Urban," by Toronto lounge parodist Jamyz Bee.  A swell Maniac out there was good enough to send me yet another album, this one a winner from 1997 by Mr. Bee and his large crew of talented Canadian jazz cats.  No parodies here, tho - except for a cover of the Now-Sound classic "Music to Watch Girls By," these are all originals. The singing's adequate, but the performances are top-notch, and a light-hearted humorous tone prevails. Highlights include the cartoonish "You Put the Babe in Baby," with it's Perrey/Kingsley-ish sound effects and frantic Les Paul-like guitar, the name-game of the title track, the gogo-beat "Groovie Movie," and the cruel-but-funny "A Dog Like You."

Jaymz Bee: "Clint East Woody Allen Alda"

(Due to circumstances beyond my control, I can't use mediafire now. After clicking the above link, scroll down for a choice of downloading options. You may have to wait a few secs. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

Thanks to Anonymous!

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