Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sounds For The SWING-Set

RIAA's 16-song mashup collection takes you on a hallucinogenic trip thru vintage Vegas, timewarping into the Now:

"Sounds For The Swing Set"

1. Meet The Swingers
2. Bring the Strippers
3. Makin' The Love Scene
4. Skinatra
5. Hellvis
6. That's a-Funky
7. Poker Samba
8. superSPYtious
9. Secret Agent's Weapon of Choice
10. Hideaway Moog Souffle
11. No Lies
12. Puddin' On A Ritz
13. Just A Timewarp
14. Hookers For Liberace
15. Nutty Squirrels and Rappin' Rabbits
16. sseexx bboommbb

1. Perez Prado: "Exotic Suite," "Psychedelic Circus" radio ad, Camerata "All Day & All The Night," Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin (Rat Pack live), Sammy Davis Jr "Begin the Beguine," Cornershop "Brimful of Asha," Rusty Warren "Bounce Your Boobies," "c'mon" from Public Enemy "Bring The Noise," Frankie Valli "Can't Take My Eyes Off You," various tekno beatz

2. Public Enemy "Bring The Noise," vs Sandy Nelson "The Stripper"

3. Tony Bennett "Love Scene," Pere Ubu "On The Surface," Tom Tom Club "Genius Of Love," Bob Thompson Orchestra & Chorus "Playboy," Bobby Darin "Beyond The Sea" (live and studio versions)

4. Von Bondies "C'Mon, C'Mon," Sinatra "I Got You Under My Skin," Elizabeth Berkley interviewed by David Letterman

5. RunDMC "Back From Hell," Elvis Presley: dialogue from live bootleg, "Ol MacDonald" and "Little Less Conversation," Mojo Nixon "Elvis Is Everywhere," "Night of the Living Dead" soundtrack, Arrogant Worms "Santa’s Gonna Kick Your Ass," Carl Douglas "Kung Fu Fighting," Bugz In The Attic (feat. Wunmi) "Zombie (Part One)," The Ventures "Man From "UNCLE"

6. Dean Martin "That's Amore," The Meters "Good Ol' Funky Music," intro: Vicki PeopleLikeUs' aunties

7. Lady Gaga "Poker Face," World Series Of Poker ads, "One Note Samba" Walter Wonderly, Perrey & Kingsley

8. Stevie Wonder "Superstitous," "James Bond Theme" Moby, John Barry

9. Mel Torme "Secret Agent Man," Fatboy Slim "Weapon of Choice," Shirley Bassey "Goldfinger," EU "Da Butt," Dennis Coffey "Scorpio," Ricky Martin "La Vida Loca"

10. Enoch Light & His Light Brigade "Hernando's Hideaway," Fatboy Slim "Big Beat Souffle," Perrey & Kingsley "Strangers In The Night," Magnavox stereo checkout record

11. Led Zeppelin "No Quarter," Nancy Sinatra "Lies," Vox wah-wah pedal ads

12. Ella Fitzgerald "Puttin' On The Ritz," Claus Ogerman "Stingray," KXXK jingle

13. Stagga "Timewarp Dub," numerous Louis Prima songs, e.g.: "Just A Gigalo," Hunter S. Thompson "One Toke Over The Line: Abbe Lane at the Desert Inn. Louis Prima, Stardust," "Surreal Vegas" video by

14. NPR radio: "Behind Closed Doors - The Reality of Prostitution," Liberace "Arruba Liberace," George Liberace "George Liberace Mambo," Liberace Christmas message, "Surreal Vegas" video -, Da Lata "Ponteio (Bonus Beats)"

15. The Nutty Squirrels "Uh Oh! pt2," Jurassic 5 "Lesson 6 - The Lecture," "Oswald The Rabbit" (old kiddie record), bits of: Led Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love," Frank Sinatra "New York New York," Bonzo Dog Band "Jollity Farm" (piano intro), KRS-ONE "HipHop vs Rap," Bob Thompson Orchestra & Chorus "Playboy"

16.Flipper "Sex Bomb", Tom Jones "Sex Bomb"

And remember: the password is "beatnik."


kukuzelis said...

Beautiful! Thanks.

J-Unit 1 said...

Loving this.

Gab Trucker said...

hi can make more links please

Mr Fab said...

I added a zippyshare link.

Konrad Useo said...

I saw this re-post today, but I actually played the mp3 cd-rom I'd burned of this super project just YESTERDAY!
You sure are a master of synchronicity.
Thanks again for the great mixes.

Anonymous said...

Would you please re-up this? Thanks.