Monday, May 25, 2009


Here's a great big ol' mess of 'tard-tronica that no dj who wants to keep his gig will ever play:

British nutters History of Guns have a new 3-song download EP that features a hilarious, profane, totally uncool, possibly litigious mugging of the Spice Girls' "Spice Up Your Life":

History of Guns "Slice Up Your Wife"

Brooklyn's The Gregory Brothers have made a bit of a splash on the intar-webs with their video "AutoTune The News," which makes good use of that plague of contemporary hip-hop, AutoTune. The Katie Couric bit at around 1:22 is particularly successful. Their website also sports mp3s of Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King getting similar treatment. Funny, irreverent, and surprisingly musical. Maybe AutoTune has it's uses after all...

The Gregory Brothers: "AutoTune The News"
The Gregory Brothers: "Lift Up your Hearts"
The Gregory Brothers: "MLK"

The Walkie-Talkie Monster's "Pink Noise" EP is yet another free download release, from Hamburg, Germany this time, and features a wonderfully charming tune scored for what sounds like a Casio drum machine set to "Latin," sweetly funny lyrics, and a winning melody. Yay for free music!

The Walkie-Talkie Monster: "When I Think Of You"

Dynamo's free "Let Us Explore the Starz" EP is a low-down & dirty DIY affair from Winnipeg that features a member named Sam a.k.a Fidel Astro a.k.a. Urethra Franklin performing "weird space music about evil robots, the future," and a dance called the JFK: you move "back, and to the left." I would say crank this noisy little number up, but its rinky-dink drum machine and video-game bleeps probably wouldn't sound appropriate on a boomin' system.

Dynamo: "Madness"

Thanks to Tim, and Joshua!

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