Friday, May 08, 2009


In the '60s and '70s, an old-time-radio enthusiast with a thick New Yawk accent named Judson Fountain almost single-handedly created audio dramas (or "drammers," as his announcer/co-star Sandor Weisberger would say.) Using a variety of voices (old hag, insolent young punk, cranky old man), and frequently helping himself to sound effects records and canned music, Fountain spun tales of terror that weren't very terrifying. Actually, they were often hilarious, as well as providing a fascinating peek into one man's obsession.

His private-press records were sent out to radio stations across the country and, incredibly, got some airplay, despite the non-existant production values, amateurish acting, and simplistic stories. Heck, I'd have played 'em. They certainly have plenty of entertainment value, and thanks to reissue co-producer Irwin Chusid of WFMU you can play 'em too: there are two CDs of his collected radio "drammers." These excerpts are taken from the album "Dark Dark Dark Tales (and other Dark Tales!)." Outsider-art essentials.

Judson Fountain: "The Gorgon's Head " (excerpt)

No, I don't know why one character has a German (?) accent, but no-one else in the family does...

Sadly, after Judson (with Sandor) made an appearance on WFMU in 1996 (documented on this album), he disappeared, never to be heard from again. A suitably mysterious end to a life dedicated to mystery.


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haha. thanks for posting this. was an interesting read.

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good lord, I need $20 so I can buy this. brother, can you spare a dime? Friedman put some true love into the cover. Amazing.

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